Fotografen-Portrait: Pau Palacios

Your motto/favorite quote?

"Marketing is not a department. It is your business" Harry Beckwith


In 25 words or less describe who you are, where you’re located and what you make

I was born and raised in Barcelona.  I  first became interested in photography at the age of 14. I attended university in Barcelona and graduated with a degree in visual arts and communication. Shortly after my graduation I began shooting professionally as a still photographer in the movie and advertising industry. Later in my career I started working independently as a freelance photographer focusing in fashion, beauty and advertising,


What made you want to be a photographer?

Since I was a teenager I can`t remember wanting to be anything else but a photographer. I could work on many other things to make my living, but I just could not "be" anything else. 


Why should people support your business?

In my photography I always try to supprise the viewer with somehting that feels fresh, new but also classic and elegant.


Favorite product/foto that you made?

I love to shoot celebrities. It is always challenging and you never know what will come out. In those situations you have very little time, a lot of pressure on you and a lot of human factor to deal with.


List five of your favorite equipment & why PRIOLITE?

1.) PRIOLITE MB500: Simple, light, fast and no cables. That is a perfect choice when I want to go simple or outdoors and be able to move fast.

2.) Lastolite 95 White/silver reflector: A very versatile piece of equipment to carry arround.

3.) Manfrotto 025 Boom: Easy and confortable to set up and operate

4.) Nikkon AFS 28-70mm f2.8: Sharp, fast all pourpouse lenses

5.) Nikon D3s: Fast, reliable and very conftable to use

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